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I am attempting to control my NXT model via the Processing programming language rather than the provided language based on LabView. When I can establish a connection over Bluetooth, this works rather well, but establishing the connection itself is problematic. It appears to work only every dozen tries or so.

My question is, what are some good troubleshooting steps for this type of activity? I can see the NXT brick in my list of Bluetooth devices on my laptop (Win7 64-bit), and I can even see it in the list of devices when I run a test script in Processing. My laptop appears on the list of devices on my NXT brick, but the connection icon at the top of the NXT window only shows "<" rather than "<>".

I believe I am using the latest firmware version (1.31). The other settings listed are:

AVR & BC4 - 1.01

What else can I attempt to try? I am attempting to connect to other Bluetooth devices (iPhone, Wiimote) but have not found the necessary libraries to allow those connections yet.

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Are you in close proximity to a wireless device (2.4 GHz)? Both bluetooth and wifi use the same frequency spectrum, so a conflict between the two may be a reason why you're having connectivity difficulties. –  Nick2253 Sep 19 '12 at 22:47

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