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I got a lego star wars 2012 advent calendar (9509), and on the back it say "unlock a surprise every day", and it says to go to, and there's a code on the back of the advent calendar flap, but when I go to, it redirects(?) me to a lego star wars III clone wars game experience, and I don't know where to enter the code. Where am I supposed to enter the code?

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The durability of LEGO products usually outlasts anything they do digitally, and this is no exception - as of april 2013, the action has long ended and the page to enter the code doesn't exist anymore. As such, this question isn't likely to help future visitors, hence the closing. – Joubarc Apr 5 '13 at 9:34
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That is not the URL you're looking for ;)

Apparently you need to enter the codes on the Star Wars Advent Calendar page.

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The codes are:











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