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I gather that Mega Bloks Mini Bloks are the same size as Duplo, and are compatible with it. Do any of the other major brick manufacturers make similar bricks?

Knowing the possibilities can help when sorting out collections of bricks purchased second hand.

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There are several Chinese companies making DUPLO clones, many are listed in this fascinating article by Anthony Tomkins of UK LUG The Brickish Association.

Communist LEGO, a review of some Chinese copies

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Coko definitely does (See here: Not sure in which countries they are available.

There is another question around about a mystery company with an umbrella/smiley/anchor logo on the studs. I've only found System-size bricks and plates from them, but the asker implied she had found Duplo-sized bricks as well. (Real Duplos vs Megabloks)

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In older secondhand duplo sets, I've often come across Tyco brand blocks. They are easy to tell apart because they have flat tops on the studs and the plastic is often imprinted with the brand name somewhere.

K'Nex makes some "Kid K'Nex" sets with sesame street themes that come with blocks that look a lot like duplos as well. But the heights of the bricks and studs do not match, so they're very easy to tell they aren't duplo as well.

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