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I just attended BrickCon 2013 here in Seattle (I wore my new StackExchange T-shirt). When and where was the first "official" fan organized Lego Convention held?

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According to the What is BrickCon? page, BrickCon claims to be the "longest running fan-based LEGO® convention". Its first edition took place in 2002.

Note that there are events which are older (LEGOworld in the Netherlands for example which I believe started in 2001), so I suppose BrickCon's claim is specific for conventions, and not exhibitions - although I doubt the line between both is very clear to start with (While LEGOworld is definitely directed to the public, there are fan-only happenings in the evenings)

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I remember attending LEGO exhibitions at the Meier and Frank department store in Portland, OR in the 1970s. These were exhibits of large-scale models similar to those at LEGOland. I do not recall if the exhibitions were officially LEGO-sponsored or not. – 62Bricks Oct 10 '13 at 3:54
+1. Although BrickCon is the longest consecutively running yearly Lego Con in North America, I'm not sure that it was the first fan organized Lego convention. – General Decline Oct 10 '13 at 22:33
There were also a fair amount of official fan events before everybody started using the internet. A bit harder to tell, there. – Caleb Woodman Apr 9 at 3:09

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