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I have never been to a LEGO Store, and I am hoping to go to one soon. I was wondering if anyone knew how much bricks cost at the LEGO Store? I want to buy some minifigs and some bricks. Do they sell the bricks by pound, or price per brick, or something else?

Thanks in advance!

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The most common way to buy bricks from LEGO stores is by filling up a PaB cup:

Large PaB cup

There are two sizes of cups and occasionally other containers that can be filled during certain promotions. The large cup is $14.99 USD and the small cup is $7.99 USD currently. This isn't advertized, but you can also buy bricks in the boxes that they are shipped to the store in. These are around $70 USD.

LEGO stores also typically allow you to build your own custom Minifigs. These include legs, torso, head, headgear, and an accessory. I believe that these are currently 3 for $9.99 USD.

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Actually, a purchase from the Build-a-Mini tower only needs to total 15 pieces: the types don't matter. For instance, I bought my sister about 12 minifigure heads and a few other minifig parts as a gift, and the staff were totally fine with it. You're also allowed to change the individual torsos and pants to suit your liking. A double peg-legged set of legs, or a mermaid torso with hooks for hands are no problem! –  Peter Cassetta Nov 4 '13 at 6:26
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