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Hey I'm programming a sumobot for a first-year university Civil Engineering project. We should need the sight of the ultrasonic sensor according tot the distance of an object. For example, the sensor can detect an object that is located 30 cm away 55° to the right of the sensor, but an object 50 cm away from the sensor can only be detected to 45° to the right of the sensor (approximately). Does anyone know the relationship (maybe a function?) between the sight and the distance? Thanks!

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This page has the answers you are looking for: http://www.tik.ee.ethz.ch/mindstorms/sa_nxt/index.php?page=tests_us

Basically, the sound is transmitted from the right eye and received in the left, making the field of vision to the left quite poor. To the right, there does not seem to be much degradation in distance out to 30 degrees, except for a few unexplained anomalies that may have resulted from firmware errors.

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Could you please summarise the answer (or, possibly, copy (with permit of the ETHZ people) it in its entirety) here, in case the link goes dead? Not assuming any external resources is a part of what makes a great StackExchange answer. –  mirabilos Mar 8 at 22:52

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