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I own this set, LEGO® Kingdoms King's Castle 7946.

enter image description here

One day I let my wife's best friend's kids play with it.

(Not the best idea in the world but they had a blast!)

Needless to say, the castle ended up being torn to pieces pretty much.

It has sat in a box for a few months now and I really want to dig it back up for a rebuild.

The problem I have now is I don't know every piece I need.

I'm sure some of the pieces have been lost but I have a massive box of extra pieces. Is there a website anywhere that contains the piece count of a set and what pieces are included in the set?

Any ideas on what I can do? or do I have to try my best to rebuild it?

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If you don't physically have the instructions, you can look up the set ID on LEGO's Customer Services page dedicated to providing building instructions.

The inventory list is usually found right after the final building step. For #7946 the parts list can be found on pages 74-75.

If for whatever reason you cannot access the instructions from the LEGO site, perhaps the file has been removed or you're unable to view PDF files you can still find a part list on sites like Bricklink and Brickset (see parts tab).

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Awesome! Thank you so much, I've been wanting to rebuild this one for a while now to place it on my desk. THANK YOU!!! – Josh Powell Nov 26 '13 at 19:54

Let's not forget Peeron. You can lookup the parts in your sets, and the site will keep an inventory of the parts you have.

The parts for set 7946-1 on

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