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I am looking for a collection of LEGO minifig photos - something like this, but with each minifig pictured separately in a full-length portrait. I have not been able to find such a collection on the LEGO website or elsewhere.

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Here are three options that have what you are looking for:

1) Brickset has the highest quality and best organized photographs of minifigs, but they are far from complete. For example, as of this writing, the gallery does not have any of the City theme figures. The collection is growing all the time. For example, here is their collection of Batman figures:

Screenshot of Brickset minifig gallery

Pros: Free to browse. Very good quality. Well-organized.
Cons: Far from complete.

2) BrickLink has a fairly thorough catalog of almost every part and minifig ever made, and they have individual photos of most of the minifigures, for example:

Screenshot of Bricklink minifig

Pros: It's free to browse. It has almost everyone.
Cons: It's inefficient, the photos aren't all high quality, and it may not have every figure. Organization and naming are not always obvious when looking for a specific figure.

3) The Unofficial Minifigure Catalog. This is a series of catalogs that attempt to document every minifigure ever produced. It's available as a printed book through Amazon (~70 USD), as a PDF e-book through Lulu (25 USD), and as a smartphone app. Here's a sample page, taken from Amazon's "Look Inside" feature:

Screenshot of Unofficial Minifigure Catalog page

Pros: High quality photos, thorough, well-organized.
Cons: Costs money. Harder to search and find specific photos. Takes effort to convert to individual digital photos if that is what you need.

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Brickset has a gallery of high quality photographs of minifigures from both licensed and non-licensed sets.

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I second the Brickset answer - Huw began photographing minifigures only a couple of years ago. Be aware that the Brickset photos are all copyrighted since it is for use on their own site, but they are amongst the best available. – Vee Dec 17 '13 at 7:12

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