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I recently purchased a Eiffel Tower Architecture kit and I found it having 9 extra pieces. I know it is normal to have extras but I think the amount is a bit high. Any ideas or explanations?

Does anyone else have high numbers like this in their architecture sets?

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Most of the times it's not really a matter of number of extra pieces but what they are. If a set uses 9 different colors of 1x1 round plates, for example, you'll get an extra for each color no matter what? So, what are the extras? – Joubarc Jan 7 '14 at 5:08

According to the BrickLink inventory, there should be three extra parts, so 9 seems a bit high.

It could be a mistake from LEGO, but honestly it's more likely that you forgot them yourself. Knowing what the 6 parts are through Bricklink, I suggest you check the model once more to verify where they could go.

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This will help you: Eiffel tower step-by-step A complete instruction set to build the Eiffel tower. This is fun!

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