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Well, I have the old Greneral Grievous from 2005, and it is almost 10 years old. So, by the time, it's torso became like yellow-painted. Tell me what can I do to clean it. Please?

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In general, legos can be un-yellowed by soaking in a combination of hydrogen peroxide, oxyclean powder (or sodium percarbonate), under sunlight or UV light. Or use Retr0Bright. Certain colors of painted decorations (such as gold) will not hold up well to the cleaning, but plain pieces and some colors do hold up well.

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For regular dirt and grime a little bit of dish soap and warm water and a sponge or soft cloth should get most figures clean. For tough or caked on dirt you may need to use a scrubby sponge or soft brush, but be you run a risk of damaging printing on the figure. Older LEGO pieces can become yellowed over especially with prolonged direct exposure to sunlight. Many have reported success with oxidizers such as hydrogen peroxide or oxyclean, but there is also a possibility of damaging the element. Good luck!

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