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I just unearthed a rather wealthy stash of semi-rare Great Kanohi masks. Never knew I collected them! Anyway, among them was this clear transparent Kaukau (Great Mask of Water Breathing):

You may recognize this mask in transparent blue as worn by Toa Gali and some Ga-Matoran (notably Hahli) on Mata Nui.

But what stumps me about this mask is the fact that it's not blue; it's colorless. I've looked in Peeron but it doesn't list this as one of the colors it occurred in.

Does anyone know which BIONICLE set this mask may have come from?

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I found the answer while I was writing this question, but I'm posting question and answer just for dibs on the tag ;)

The Peeron page for that mask I just linked to lists the part number as 32571. I do a search for the part number, and come across the Brickipedia page for that part. Scrolling down, I find the source:


Apparently, I found this mask along with the numerous bronze and silver Great Kanohi masks in one of those mask packs.

Fun fact: this colorless Kaukau was designed to be wearable by Toa Kopaka, and possibly also the Ko-Matoran. The Toa is known to have had this mask equipped in BIONICLE Chronicles 1: Tale of the Toa, but it's not entirely clear if this is part of the canon. There aren't any named Ko-Matoran with this mask as far as I know.

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Feel free to keep custody of the tag all by yourself :-) – Joubarc Oct 28 '11 at 12:10

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