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I have recently tried to put together several discontinued lego sets by assembling the bricks from my collection and buying the missing ones from the Pick a brick lego site. I download the instructions from the website but for some sets stickers and other specialist parts are a problem. I'd like to ask why Lego can't supply PDFs of the discontinued sticker sets on the website together with the instructions. If you have no intention to re-release the sets it will not lose you business and in fact will encourage many more builders to collect/buy the parts and build the sets which should be profitable for lego. The same could be said for the cloth parts. A template of the discontinued ones would really help. Finally sound bricks are an issue too. How about a selling programmable one so customers can record whatever we need on it? This would be great for the imagination builds too!

As it is you need to go to Bricklink and for a model like for example the grand carousel, the nusic brick will cost you $120 plus, the stickers around $80 and the cloth pieces for the roof about $50 each (there are 8 of them so $400 thgere!!)this ends up making this lovely set just too expensive to reassemble and build,

so in summary, how about:

A) PDFs of discontinued stickers A) templates (PDF) for discontinued cloth parts B) sell a recordable sound brick so customers can record whatever thet want on it?

this would stop the hoarders from exploiting the fans out with silly prices for these items and would allow many more of us re-create some of those long discontinued sets,

THANKS and fingers crossed!!

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Welcome! As I'm sure you know, this site isn't sponsored by or affiliated to The LEGO Group, but is maintained by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. For this reason, it might be difficult for us to answer your question definitively, as it is really a question for TLG. –  Kramii Apr 24 at 8:28
You might be interested in this question: bricks.stackexchange.com/questions/3104/… –  Kramii Apr 24 at 8:34

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