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I'm trying to find certain bricks online, and of course, came across BrickLink. But it's so darn hard to use it; search is absolutely useless, and I can't figure out how to use the catalog for the life of me. Are there any good alternatives out there?

(I've skimmed through peeron.com and BrickOwl, but haven't had time to really investigate -- can anyone vouch for them?)

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It took me a lil while to figure out but once I did, I love bricklink. I couldn't live without it to be honest. Invest the time to figure it out, it'll be worth it if you need various parts & pieces as much as I do. –  user3660 Apr 24 at 23:03

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BrickLink is by far the best place to buy LEGO. It is also very easy to use. Once you get how it works, you will never look back. There are several very helpful videos on YouTube showing you how to use BrickLink most efficiently. Here is one: http://youtu.be/Cyat8aFVk_k

I have also put together a detailed written guide on how to use BrickLink here: http://thebrickblogger.com/2011/02/shopping-on-bricklink/

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Thanks, BrickBlogger. But I would argue that if you need a written guide and/or video tutorial, then it's most likely not easy to use. (Maybe instead of "easy to use," I should say "intuitive".) –  Gabe Apr 24 at 21:06
Also: BrickLink 2.0 is in the works and I suspect (ok, hope) it will be more intuitive. –  gev Apr 25 at 20:53
Good point. I can appreciate that. In my experience BL was easy to use from the beginning; I could find and buy the parts I wanted. However the site is quite robust and there are ways to take advantage of advanced functions. There are whole books written about how to use eBay, so BL is no different in this regard. The video and the guide are just ways to shorten the learning curve for new users. –  TheBrickBlogger Apr 26 at 17:11
I'm amused that your response to "bricklink is hard to use" is a flat contradiction. –  Mσᶎ Apr 27 at 23:13
BrickBlogger: I think eBay -- though not the prettiest of sites -- is easy to use in that if I'm looking for a "16GB iPad Mini with 3G", I can type that into the searchbar and I'll find relevant results. On BL, if I want to find a 2x2 yellow block, how do I go about looking for that? I wish I can just type that into the search bar, but it's not that easy. With eBay, it's easy to get started, but will take time to get to Pro status; with BL, it seems like it'll take a while just to get started... –  Gabe Apr 28 at 17:10

I think BrickOwl is the best alternative to Bricklink, I placed an order there and it worked as well as on Bricklink. The fact that many sellers on BL also sell on BO. There are only two things that BO can't compete with BL: inventory, and a bit higher price.

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Thanks, Tien. Just checking -- do you personally prefer BO over BL? Or are you just saying it's a decent alternative? –  Gabe Jun 5 at 17:42
@Gabe Let's say, if I want to buy some pieces I'd check BO first, then BL (of course I know the chance I found them on BO is less than BL :)). –  Tien Do Jun 6 at 4:24
FYI, I've been adding some custom items to sell on BO and found some issues with it although those are seller's issue: inventory management is hard and far less intuitive than website interface, help document is incomplete, and support is poor. –  Tien Do Sep 9 at 9:46

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