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I know that there are quite a few LEGO CADs floating around, but are there any physically correct simulation environments for models built with LEGO / Technic / Mindstorms parts, that would, for example, allow me to:

  • simulate how far would a particular moving part would move / rotate / etc, until it collides with other part
  • simulate gear links (ideally, with tolerances / precision / friction of plastic gears)
  • get estimates of speeds / torques exerted by specific motors
  • get estimates of battery power drain

So far I've found Robot Virtual Worlds, but it doesn't seem to allow construction of arbitrary environments and, what's more important, seem to simulate only a few preset robots. Also it seems to be pretty crude in terms of physics simulated. Anything else exists?

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Robotic Virtual Worlds does support the building of your own environments through the "Level Builder" tool, but I don't believe it supports importing your own robots yet - although the RobotC team were talking about it in 2013. – Zhaph - Ben Duguid Jan 25 '15 at 22:30

Recently I met with TeamSim. Its possibilities are impressing:

  • you can make own robot via LDD and export it to the program
  • you cam make own mat (FLL, WRO, sumo mats are already available)
  • you can program a robot via NXT-G

I have no chance to investigate this program in detail, but I think it's what you want.

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Not sure how much control you would have over this, but just wanted to mention that the link given is dead – frogeyedpeas Dec 24 '15 at 2:04
fixed the link. – Alex Apr 24 at 18:53

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