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Apart from regular Lego and Duplo, what other sizes of brick have there been that have carried the Lego name? What is the compatibility between the different building scales?

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The sizes are:

  • Regular lego.
  • Duplo. Intended for younger children than regular Lego. Bigger than regular lego, and compatible with regular lego. Still produced.
  • Quatro. Intended for younger childern than Duplo. Bigger than Duplo, and compatible with Duplo. No longer produced.
  • Primo. Intended for babies. Bigger than Quatro, and compatible with Duplo with special interface bricks.
  • Modulex. Intended for architectural models and commercial signage. Early sets were branded Lego. Not compatible with regular Lego. No longer produced.
  • Samsonite Jumbo Bricks. Not compatible with regular lego. No longer produced.
  • Giant soft bricks. ???
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