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Does anybody have any recommendations for non-GUI programming of the EV3 unit?

I'm impressed by the LabVIEW software, but as a professional C# and VB.Net programmer (with C, C++ experience), I find it slow and difficult to implement complex mathematical formula.

In particular, I love the ability of LabVIEW to transfer and run (and effectively debug) programs directly into the block with BlueTooth, so an IDE with that capability would be ideal.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Tom

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Since you are a C# pro, I would recommend MonoBrick. I know they have a plugin for Xamarin Studio/MonoDevelop that lets you do remote debugging. Not sure if they have one for Visual Studio yet.

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Thanks - looks interesting... I'll investigate when I get a spare moment, which unfortunately won't be any time soon. Thanks for your time :-) –  freefaller Jul 7 at 8:06
Maybe I should have looked at the website a bit earlier - didn't realise you needed a spare SD card (which, despite being professional IT, I don't actually have)... oh well, will have to wait a bit longer –  freefaller Jul 13 at 7:55

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