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I'm looking at the Lego Super Star Destroyer on eBay and I see that a number of people are selling it for ~$600 USD. From time to time there are bids that sell at ~$300 USD that claim to be sealed and brand new. These sets come from Hong Kong or China from a user that has a 0 feedback. This seems to me to be a bit fishy since the set is now discontinued and it should fetch higher than the original selling price of $400 USD.

If you search Lego minifigures from the superhero lines, you get Chinese users selling packs of five minifigures for far below the asking price again. I asked about this one in the past.

Has anyone else noticed this? Do we have a brick authenticity problem? mj


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The SSD auction will be a scam and the minifigs are indeed knock-offs of which eBay is awash.

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That's terrible. There are lots of people bidding on those items and it's a pity that they're getting robbed. –  mj_ Jul 24 at 1:01
In terms of the knock-off minifigs, these are all over the place, including Amazon through sellers. –  Zhaph - Ben Duguid Jul 25 at 13:48
@mj_ Indeed - there apparently is no end to either human greed or human foolishness :( –  Zhaph - Ben Duguid Jul 25 at 13:50

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