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my wife picked up this lego set at a garage sale. The owner claimed it was a ship, perhaps a pirate ship, and that the set was complete. It does have something resembling a bow, and several tall poles, but no sails, which sounds suspiciously non-ship like. The most distinct piece is something like a black bicycle chain / rope ladder on a gear, attached to what looks like a 4-piston engine. There's another smaller chain as well. The entire set is in a beige / brown / black color scheme. Images below - can someone help me identify this?

(I already tried searching for the piece on rebrickable, but could not find it under any description I could think of.)

Full set Chain or ladder

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It's the Wright Flyer: It's the rule of posting on SE - I found it almost immediately after hitting submit. – pnj Jul 29 '14 at 1:37
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It's a ship alright.. a heavier than air airship: Wright Flyer.

Quite a fun, if rickety. build.

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