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I want to use PID for my Ev3. I used PID for NXT-G before, but I have never used EV3-G before and don't know how to get PID. Could someone please post a screen shot of the code or upload the file?

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Not clear whether "I used PID for NXT-G" means you wrote a PID in NXT-G for use on an NXT, or you bought a 3rd party PID control for use with an NXT. Let's assume you want to write the program. A starting point is:… (from a google search for "PID NXT"). – dfrevert Sep 6 '14 at 20:58

This is EV3-G code for a PID based on PID Controller for Lego Mindstorms Robots by J Sluka. It uses the steering parameter of the Move block instead of power levels of the Motor block. The interesting parts are setting the Kp, Ki, and Kd values.

enter image description here

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