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I heard that he was a scammer, but he made some good stuff and quite a few people have some of the great visors and guns he made.

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the most complete info i found was on brickblogger.com. the amazing-armory homepage still isn't online ("coming soon") - just like it was about a half year ago when the article was written. at that time you could buy parts on bricklink.com and firsestartoys.com where i can't find them today.

the unavailability on bricklink in addition with the still-not-online webpage pretty much sounds like amazing armory is out of business - but i don't have facts that prove this speculation.

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I realize that it's a late answer, but ToyWiz and BrickArsenal.com just started carrying this line, and Amazing Armory is active on Flickr. Also, Firestar in the UK carries it. I hope that helps.

Also, I work for ToyWiz.com and Brickarsenal :)

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Cheers Bebs, and thanks for the full disclosure ;) –  Zhaph - Ben Duguid May 3 '12 at 13:42

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