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I want to do a Victorian style station to go with my steam trains. I've got some great ideas for the building and accessories, but I'm not sure about the people. How can I make Victorian-looking minifigures?

BTW: I don't want to permanently modify bricks, but would consider the use of stickers.

Ideas I already have:


  • Top hats
  • Deerstalker
  • Peaked cap for railway workers

Sadly, the Lego bowlers are either blue with a flower or grey with a question mark - not really suitable.


  • For males, any that have weird facial hair (there are surprisingly many) and/or round glasses


  • Smart suits. I've read that shirtsleeves were considered unseemly.

Any other ideas?

--- Edit ---

As an example of what I have in mind, here's a railway worker I made from parts I got from PAB. Of course, I'll need passangers and other staff, too. And I'm more than happy to order individual parts from bricklink (as long as my wife agrees!).

enter image description here

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A number of the minifigs from the Adventures theme would fit the bill in terms of round glasses and facial hair, especially the Dr Kilroy character:

Dr Kilroy's Car

They also have versions with suits, etc.

There's also a "Detective" figure in the Minifigures Series 5 with the classic Deer Stalker hat that resembles the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes.

Detective Collectable Minifigure

There are also top hats available in Series 1 with the Magician and Ringmaster.

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The Adventures theme is a great source of inspiration - I've never really looked at them before. You're certainly right about the facial hair! – Kramii Dec 20 '11 at 11:28

The 10199-1 Winter Village Toy Shop set contains two very good Victorian carol singer minifigures:

Other sets in this series have some quite good period clothing, here's one from the bakery (10216-1)

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Heh, love the use of a double cape on the female singer :) – Zhaph - Ben Duguid Dec 20 '11 at 14:01
These are great... except for the picture of a jet plane on the male carol singer's jacket. Apart from that, these would be a great for parts. – Kramii Dec 20 '11 at 15:38

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