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I'm interested in a challenge building a set with very much parts. I thought of the Unimog U400. But is there a webservice, where the sets are sorted by number of parts?

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Related: – Ambo100 Dec 22 '11 at 18:13
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Brickset has a data mining page which sorts sets by certain factors including new sets, unreleased sets, most minifigures in a set, best/worst price ratio and best British pound to American dollar exchange rates.

The sets with the most pieces can be found here.

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The links are now dead. The list with sets ordered by number of pieces is currently here: – Emil Styrke Jan 5 at 7:15
I've updated the answer, Thanks. – Ambo100 Jan 5 at 10:12
Neato keen. I didn't realize the Taj Mahal was so many pieces. – chicks Jan 6 at 0:31

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