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Similar to this question but I'd like to know about 3rd Party/aftermarket options instead please.

I've heard about motor multiplexers and the like but are there others, i.e. more sensitive colour detectors etc.?

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There are MANY companies that offer third party stuff for NXT:

  • Mindsensors, already mentionned in pcantin's answer
    • Vision Subsystem - Capable of tracking up to 8 coloured objects
    • Touch Panel
    • Numeric Pad
    • IR Obstacle Detector
    • Sony PS2 Controller Interface
    • Line Sensor Array
    • Accelerometer
    • Realtime Clock
    • Power Meter
    • IR Distance Sensors (Long/mid/short range)
    • Multiplexers for motors and sensors
    • Linear Actuators
  • HiTechnic
  • Dexter Industries
    • Wifi Sensor - a wifi connection for the NXT
    • Inertial Motion Sensor - Acceleration, tilt and angular velocity
    • Thermal IR Sensor - Reads surface temperatures
    • Digi XBee Radio - Long distance radio communications
    • GPS
    • Solar panels
  • Firgelli Industries
    • Linear Actuators
  • Rotacaster
    • Omni Directional Wheels
  • Microinfinity
    • Inertial Motion Sensor - Acceleration, tilt, angular velocity and tracks relative position
  • Codatex
    • RFID Sensor and transponders
  • Nullspace
    • IO Expansion
  • Vernier
    • Sensor Adapter - Allows access to over 30 Vernier sensors
  • Generation Robots
    • POB-Bridge - Allows access to the POB sensors and accessories
    • Reseller of other sensors mentioned above
  • Trossen Robotics
    • Reseller of other sensors mentioned above

... and I'm pretty sure I forget several!

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