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Online I would recommend BrickEngraver I think your best bet would be to find a local trophy shop, most will engrave items. Take them some LEGO to test and they should be able to provide what you need without the need to pay shipping.


My guess is: bestlock construction bricks, a inferior lego clone brand Best-lock logo should be this the only grey and orange set i found Space ship couldn't find the instructions


It's probably not the best option to use no: according to Wikipedia, glue guns tend to operate at the following temperatures: Low-temperature glue guns operate at approximately 120°C (248°F) [...] High-temperature guns operate at approximately 190°C (374 °F) LEGO and Mega Bloks' primary component, ABS, has a melting point around 105°C (221°F), which is ...


Could it be this one? http://commandercottontail.com/index.php/blog/get_post?id=12 If so, I included some photos of the instructions about halfway down in that review.


Its not for everyone, but those who just don't want to store the sets it makes sense. It is more aimed at the parent with a 6 year old who asks for LEGO sets every time they walk through Toys R Us. If you go to their page right now and click the vote banner at the top, the CEO's profile has a video that shows the cleaning process. Again, it is not for ...

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