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I don't have it, but BrickLink already has inventories of all submodels. According to them, day 1 is a Republic Cruiser. This is a mini version of 7665 — Republic Cruiser. They do look quite similar for sets of a such different scale: Sadly, Wookiepedia doesn't have a picture of a republic-class cruiser, but I suppose that's what it is.


Republic Cruiser Is this the one you were looking for? You can see the entire selection of mini-models on Bricklink.


According to BrickLink it is a Trade Federation MTT


That is not the URL you're looking for ;) Apparently you need to enter the codes on the Star Wars Advent Calendar page.


The four codes are as follows: December 01: Y15C05 December 08: Y30C03 December 15: Y73C14 December 22: Y12C34


You can find an overview of all advent calenders with piece count in this link


Thanks for getting in touch with us. We're sorry about the frustration you must be feeling. Unfortunately there was a misprint on the packaging. The real website to enter the codes is When you get to the site in the middle of the page is a place for you to enter in the codes. I hope this helped. Thanks again for ...


Day 1 is y15c05 Day 8 is y30c03


I just found this website: it has special stuff each day, the place you enter the code is the image of jango fett in the bottom middle.


By "the build instructions" you mean how to assemble the day one model? It's right there on the flap. I doubt there's anything more to be had.

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