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AFOL stands for "Adult Fan Of LEGO". From an unofficial LEGO acronym glossary: AFOL Adult Fan of LEGO. The most common term used to refer to LEGO fans who are adults. Generally pronounced to rhyme with “hay-foal”. Or from Brickipedia's glossary (also unofficial): AFOL - Adult Fan Of LEGO


With the exception of evergreen themes like CITY and Duplo, it's not easy to predict when sets are released. Based on trends of the last 11 years, I've included the last 20 train sets that have been released in a table: At least one train set has been released each year apart from the year 2008. The table marks an average of 1.66 train sets per year. It's ...


Some of it may be your own perception changing, such as a room you remember being big when you were a kid, but which you find small as an adult. So when you perceive bricks as being softer, it could actually be that they aren't, but that your perception changed. (If you were to walk barefoot on LEGO bricks for one hour per day, your feet would eventually ...


I can't definitively answer, but I can say that this has been a common observation around the late 1990's and early 2000's-- nothing to do with Chinese manufacturing. I personally made the observation when comparing construction in large-scale creations in 1999/2000 and later in 2005. The large scale creation in 1999/2000 was a very large building, ...


Plastic pieces will become harder over time. Not sure why, but I think it is that the substance that were added to make the plastic a little softer evaporates over time. I have been told that the people designing sets for LEGO never use pieces older than 2 years. This is because harder pieces will have more clutch power than softer pieces and because of ...


Yes. LEGO® may still be a toy, but it clearly a toy for all ages. Here are two examples: LEGO Architecture LEGO Architecture is clearly aimed at adults. From one of LEGO's press releases: With models developed in collaboration with architects, LEGO Architecture inspires future architects, engineers and designers as well as architecture fans around ...


Check the new Creator "Advanced" set : 10233 Horizon Express


Lighting is key for any camera, but especially for the sensors in cell phones, tablets, and inexpensive point and shoots. If you place your LEGOs in daylight or under a bright white LED / CFL you may find your iPad will do just fine. Whereas, under normal room lighting the photos become a noisy mess.


For a guy who's 20 you can ignore the age limits. Lego used to label set with "N..99" age limits but these days that sort of humour is less appreciated. It's still true, though. I suggest focus more on what he's interested in, and what you think he'd enjoy building. Within the Lego Star Wars range there are quite a lot of options. If he's mostly into ...


According to the What is BrickCon? page, BrickCon claims to be the "longest running fan-based LEGO® convention". Its first edition took place in 2002. Note that there are events which are older (LEGOworld in the Netherlands for example which I believe started in 2001), so I suppose BrickCon's claim is specific for conventions, and not exhibitions - although ...


There is a new cowboy set based on the lone ranger film coming out this year-summer 2013, looks really good for younger generation but thats it for the moment- not really a afol kit as such. info came from brickset- there were some pictures too, i think the article was about three months ago.


The main discussion boards for teen and adult LEGO fans are as follows: EuroBricks Forum - this is one of the oldest and most established LEGO fan forums with a huge number of discussions going on at any given time. You can find everything here from news, to custom building, to contests. Brickset Forum - this is the second largest LEGO forum, mostly ...


There may not be anything aside from the North Georgia LEGO Train Club, but it looks like you could start one from the Waiting List - AFOL there also appears to have been a newsgroup


The Red Cargo Train is the most recent train set released after the Maersk Train


I've used pretty inexpensive point and shoot digital Cameras to some degree of luck. But I also use a semi decent photo editing software to fix lighting and crop the image. On my current Lego Church Project build I've been using my Galaxy Tab Pro's camera which has a flash and it works rather well. Better than the cameras I had been using. But the key as ...


I would think that the best way for adults to embrace lego (if you know basic coding) would to get into the mindstorms and maybe build complex moving structures.


As you indicate yourself, the best answers regarding your question and current LEGO are already given in the other post. If you are not restricted by "current LEGO", I know of two more options: You might want to look at Nanoblocks which, while still a children's toy, has smaller bricks and a different color pallette. I don't know much about the quality of ...

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