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I'm teaching an after school robotics program and the kids are using the LEGO MindStorms Education Core Set #45544. I was dealing with the same situation when I had to connect 10 EV3s to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and I couldn't distinguish from one EV3 to the next. Anyhow, I figured out how easy it was to give each brick it's own unique identifying name. You want ...


No, the Robot Commander app downloads and runs a program on your EV3. If you already have a program running, it will be stopped and the program downloaded by the commander app will run instead.


According to the online documentation, Bluetooth commands are supported for NXT but not for EV3. On the other hand RobotC is supporting Bluetooth upload/debugging. This means that it is accessible. My first instinct would be to look at how RobotC did it (if the code is available). My second instinct would be to find if somebody already hacked the EV3 ...


https://bitbucket.org/Thad_Hughes/cortex/src Here's something in NXC and python that routes from NXT1 to NXT2 through the PC; emulating a non-master/slave config between all three devices. Has the added benefit of a seamless pairing method. It could be helpful to give a little more detail (what languages you are using, what direction(s) of communication ...


Yes it is possible. You just need to write a program for NXT1 that forwards the messages from the PC to NXT2.


There is an Android app called EV3 mailbox that can send messages to the EV3 brick. You can trigger your program to run in different ways by sending out different mailbox messages.

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