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Here is an approximation of the bridge that appears on the cover of the catalog pictured above. Unlike the version in the picture, this model uses bracket pieces to attach the arched section to the rail bed. All the pieces in this build were available prior to 1994. The arches are decorative and do not really contribute to the strength of the bridge. This ...


Such structures in LEGOland parks are usually reinforced with a metallic structure hidden within the model. And they use glue. No wonder LEGO sold them away. Some fans do use similar tricks, I've seen some make trees by embedding a wooden skewer in a trunk of 1x1 round bricks. Without that, the tree would collapse too often, and that's not even a large ...


If you also want them to be aware of the solidity of their bridge, you may want to have a look at this contest. Note that bridges made of stacked plates are much more solid than Technic ones.


I just built the bridge yesterday. I didn't have all the parts so had to be creative at some points. I'll improve some joints once I picked up more of my Lego at my dads' place. Very funny project! Pictures:


Since you mention an engineering class, I assume you probably mean a functional bridge that can be tested for capacity. This bridge may not withstand a great deal of weight, but it appears in a 1964 LEGO Idea Book and is created only from basic bricks available at that time. (LEGO did issue a more detailed Tower Bridge set a few years ago)


For building anything of normal Lego size, the bricks generally stick together nicely if you overlap your bricks during construction. If you are making something of great size, walls of 2 or 4 dots using an overlapping pattern will produce something quite strong. Because of the shape of Legos, they are weakest when pulled from the bottom. They are designed ...


I've used white nylon rope / string for my Lego bridges. When I think of twine I think of the tannish, brownish, rough, fraying type of string. The nylon stuff is cleaner and in my humble opinion appears sharper. A Lego purist would not allow any non-Lego element in a creation, but when it comes to suspension bridges, there are very few options. I've ...


Thanks for your help with this construction. I have made a faithful copy of this 1968 catalog bridge, pics:- also a list of components. Hope that's helpful. I have a 12 image photo diary of the build ...

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