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Despite what it superficially looks like in (for example) Sariel's build videos, having a big pile of parts spread across the table is not the fastest way. Pour the contents of the smaller bags into containers (I use old plastic take-away containers). That way you are looking through a container of blue 3 long pins and red 2-long axles for a 2-long axle, ...


Here are couple of ideas. You could use pins: Or axles with studs on the end: Or axle connectors and axles:


One possible "technique" could simply be to use the round wall panels of the same diameter: This part has the same stud recesses at the bottom, but since it's much taller, they won't appear as frequently in your model (or at all if this part alone provides the height that you need). This obviously has a number of disadvantages, the largest being that you'...


This is going to be different for everyone, but there are several different options. I personally prefer to get my LEGO bricks out and just start building, this usually doesn't turn out exactly how I want initially, but I will take the bits I like and try again; building multiple versions to find what I like and come up with a finished item. For larger ...


These parts do not come apart. They are designed to be clicked into place and then remain connected. I have not found nor heard of a way that these can be separated without damaging the plastic and hence the functioning of the part. The assembled component has part number 99009c01 - Technic Turntable Small, Complete Assembly with Black Outside Gear Section.


I've bought some sci-fi military-themed sets from Gudi, and this is my opinion: Plastic quality is almost on par with Lego, albeit a bit harder. Minifig are slightly less good. They seemed to have a quite good model designer in 2014-15: there are some sci-fi and military kits that actually look good. However, 2016 models marked a step backward, IMHO. I ...


Note that you will probably need to de-greeble your models first. Small parts that fall off are annoying, and there's few things worse than finding a sea of small parts in the bottom of your shipping box. A collection of photos designed to help with reassembly is likely to be helpful, and will be essential if you want to accept offers of help with the ...


Also, part 99009 and Part 99010 is another one that is extremely hard to disassemble as highlight in this question. (The current brick separator will not work in this situation.)

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