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The LEGO bricks themselves will be fine, but if you're adding fish and turning this into an aquarium setting you may need to perform some periodic maintenance on them to keep them looking nice... but lots of people have used LEGOs for aquarium decor with great results.


This depends on how deep engineering principles do you wish to teach. For simpler, shallower things, like the inherent stability of a triangle based construction versus a square based, the crawler crane already offers a lot: the relation between force and leverage, skid steering, gearing, pulleys, gearboxes, electronics. Pneumatics and shock absorbers are ...


As long as you don't want an air bubble, it should be fine. Normal bricks do not create an air tight seal without glue.


In your setup, the space between both axles is about 11.31mm (1 stud brick = 8mm). On the central part of the gear (the band where teeth protude), the pitch diameter is 11.9mm (outer diameter of 13.8mm, root diameter of 10mm). Hence the gears would not mesh if mounted in the same plane (because 11.9 > 11.31). However, if you consider the beveled part of ...

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