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The easiest way to do this is to score the baseplate with a straightedge and knife. Once you've made a deep enough cut, you should be able to bend and break the plate where you've scored it. You may want to sand the edge to clean it up a bit. There's a more detailed set of instructions in this Instructable.


I advise you to use a sandpaper. First use a clamp to fix the part you want to cut, then use sandpaper. Instead of trying to cut it i think you should grind it with sandpaper.


The question is rather old, but I have one thing to add to the other answers. There is also a Banbao line for younger children (Banbao Young Ones, 3+). There's a review here. It's in Russian but Google translate worked well :) I have on set one set. It turned out that it is really compatible with DUPLO, and quality is very good.


A 1x1 tile stuck inside the bottom of a 2x4 brick is very difficult to get out. No Brick Separator will help you there.

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