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To expand on Zhaph's answer, I'm assuming that you have a fixed set of six colors, and each block is one color. If that's the case, this is a simple combination problem on top of the orientation problem. Since there are six colors and six bricks, there are 6! ways to assign those six colors to the six bricks, or 720 ways. Now, we apply this combination to ...


I'm not sure what the rules are around the colours, however from the LEGO Facts page: Take six eight-stud LEGO bricks (2x4) – how many ways can they be combined? With the aid of computers, the exact number of combinations has been calculated as 915,103,765! Just so you know, two eight-stud LEGO bricks can be combined in 24 different ways and ...


You can use a worm gear for a compact, high ratio gearbox. By putting a worm gear on the motor shaft and using it to drive a 24 tooth gear you can achieve a 24:1 reduction. For high torque applications you could use multiple parallel axles held together by gears or wheel hubs.


The XL motor runs at approximately 220 RPM. Therefore, the following gearbox from the ELEC 201 class LEGO Design module from Rice should be sufficient:


The Technic Riding Cycle theme features several bikes that may be of inspiration. One particular set Moto Cross Bike (42007) uses several 3711: Technic, Link Chain parts to make a chain. Based on Bricklink prices for the last six months, 39 chain pieces (the amount shown in the set above) would cost £4.29 (Aprox. $6.91 or €1.26). Pulleys and rubber ...


It looks like LEGO sells chain and sprockets, don't know if you'd have them lying around though. You could also try using pulleys instead. If you don't have any of the actual pulleys, take the tread off of two wheels and stretch a rubber band across, that should work too.


Ok, not quite what was asked, but this might spark some new directions for other people. As to your statue, a few 2x1 plates at the base instead of the tiles could attach to the legs. This solution would allow weapons, etc, to be displayed on the secret walls. Re-edited to include final improvements. Using tiles and inverted tiles lets the wall ...


You could try something like this if you have Technic beams available:


Why not use just two jumper plates (3794), one on the top and one on the bottom? No more additional are pieces required. You can also replace the stack of 1x1 round bricks with a single Support 1 x 1 x 6 Solid Pillar (43888) piece. The piece is used in conjunction with a large swinging vault door in the Bank & Money Transfer (3661) set. The brick ...


There are two sites I can think of that describe commonly used gear assemblies. Both sites make use of animations to illustrate how the gears work. LEGO Education: Constructopedia This web article produced by The LEGO Group introduces common, basic usages of gears and pulleys. It includes alterations to the direction of gears, idler gears, gearing up/down ...


I've had trouble finding good examples as well. One of the most interesting one is, sadly, in Spanish, but the images (and some help from Google Translate) helped me some. Hopefully it can be a start. http://www.hispalug.com/foro/index.php?topic=11730.0

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