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Given the size of the set (indicated by the fact that there are at least 8 bags), the occurrence of the Item 2584c003 - winch with reel and the Item 41539 - 8x8 light bluish gray plates in package "7", it looks like you have parts of set 60004 Fire Station in your hands, specifically one of the upper floors of the building, together with parts of the ...


One of the key pieces here is the Dark Blue Part 3039 - Slope 45° 2 x 2, which is a fairly limited color. Of the 5 sets using more than 8 of that element (your picture contains 10), there are none that contain at least 2 more of the other elements pictured. As @PhilB commented, the 6x12 plate is also a rare piece. There are 0 sets that have both the Bright ...

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