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I use pure Eucalyptus oil. It works wonderfully. Keep in mind that if you are using it on LEGO, it will also remove the original printing (but won't harm the plastic itself), so I wouldn't recommend it in that case. But other than that Eucalyptus oil can remove marker, paint, glue-residue, and all kinds of gunk much better and faster than products like ...


I've used a dry erase marker, over the permanent, to remove it from a white board. I don't know if that'd work on Lego or not.


Don't use the dishwasher. My husband misread washing machine and we put them in the dishwasher nearly half of them warped!


Using something you may already have in your home: Aerosol hairspray Spraying this over permanent marker allows the marker to be wiped off, and then you can rinse off the residue in warm water. I've used or seen used this remedy on many types of plastic in my life, but I can't recall if I've used it on LEGO pieces before. I think I did use it on a yellow ...


I know it's not the most cost-effective way, but I used to use gasoline on a rag to remove a lot of markings on plastics of all kinds. It won't warp the plastic when used sparingly on a rag. The only downside is that it may "smear" the marker, depending on the kind of marker that was used.

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