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It can be done, but you need to be able to handle the packages. Different minifigure series may require different approaches, from barcodes to patterns of dots or dimples to feeling for certain characteristic parts in the bags. Those approaches have been documented in a number of places: Series 6 (feel + dots) Series 5 (feel) Series 4 (bumps) Series 3 ...


LEGO will replace a part for free on their website, providing it was missing from purchase. Sadly replacement parts aren't available for Collectible Minifigures, but you can contact them to let them know. Ensure the Minifigure packet has been fully emptied, it's quite easy to lose parts when you open the packet.


In short, yes it is possible. The best place to find replacement parts is Bricklink.com. You don't mention which minifgure is missing its leg, but for example, here is a link to the 'Hips and Legs with Studded Belt and Safety Pins Pattern' of the Series 4 minifg 'Punk Rocker'. To find the required part for your minifig, a good starting point would be to ...


That sounds like a very valid question, but I think the answer is slightly more complex. First, as you note, there's an obvious link in terms of moulds reuse, which means LEGO can offload the cost of these new parts to the minifig series (which aren't exactly on the cheap side), so that regular sets introduced later can be cheaper as a result. They do that ...


I managed to get the five minifigures I wanted, right every time by feeling the bags. It takes patience and a good understanding of how different bricks feel. There are some guides online that show you which individual pieces to look for. Use the process of elimination. If you're looking for the Witch minifig, look for a bag with slope instead of legs. The ...


The cheapest approach is to buy a box online, keep the figures you want, and sell the rest. The most hassle-free approach is to buy the figures you want online. Either individually or as a set.


My boys and I purchased a precision scale for nine dollars from Harbor Freight and set it to grams. We purchased ten Lego minifigures series nine. We measured the ten empty packages for a weight of 19.8333 grams and divided by 10 to get an average wieght of 1.983 grams, or rounded to 2 grams. We then weighed the ten inserts showing the 16 numbered, named and ...


Another option to help finish off your collections is BrickLink, sort of the eBay of LEGO. There are plenty of sellers in the US with a large amount of reputation Here is a link to BrickLink with a listing of the Collectible Minifigs: http://www.bricklink.com/catalogList.asp?catID=746 Be sure to buy the 'complete set' figs otherwise you will probably not ...


Every box contains the same distribtion of minifigs. For example see this review on www.eurobricks.com of series 13 has the same distribution as my box. (links to his other CMF reviews are on the bottom of the first post) For most series boxes contains 3 full sets and 12 remaining ones. Series 9, 10 & 11 contain only 2 complete sets, with 2, 4 or 6 ...


It depends on licensing as well. Note that they have made sets for Ultimate Spiderman. The X-Men designs all follow their comic counterparts. Loki, Thor etc follow their Movie style counterparts. This suggests that they have the license for the comic and animated styles, but Fox and Sony retain the rights for the movie looks of the characters.


i find it rather easy to feel for the minifigures. All you have to do, is identify a uncommon trait that only that minifigure has, and then feel for that. for example, the conquistador has a breastplate. just feel for something bendy, hollow on 2 sides. its not that hard.


Theoretically, it shoud be possible to tell the minifigures apart by weight, but you would need highly precise scales to do so.

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