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16 Bags I know the question was phrased as a sort of math problem, but most Lego fans solve it as a sort of Lego problem. The bags are opaque, so you cannot see what's in the bags, but almost everywhere they are sold you can feel the bags, and you can determine what figure is in the bag. With the exception of the recent Soccer Team figures, collectible ...


Some of the minifig parts that are officially made in China (often including the Collectable Minifigures) don't have the copyright/logo stamp on the inside toe - I noted that in a comment to my answer on What does the imprinted information inside bricks mean?


55 Bags If the distribution is assumed to be completely random (not necessarily true), and of a large enough group to make your purchases not effect the total probability (likely) then this is an alternate of a classic math problem known as the Coupon Collector's Problem: There are many ...


I checked all of mine, and they the same smaller mark as well.

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