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A regular LEGO base plate will work with DUPLO bricks. As demonstated in this question, the two systems are compatible in a number of ways. Here's an example of someone using system base plates with DUPLO bricks:


Is it possible that you are thinking of this goblet (2343)? This part was fairly common, and it was introduced around 1985, so it was probably in your collection. 1x1 round plates attach securely to the top as shown in this lamp from the Pet Shop:


You can absolutely run RC and PF trains on 12V track. You can leave out the center conducting rail since it won't be delivering any power to the train, unless you are planning to run both 12V and remote trains. The main LEGO train sets have all used the same rail gauge, which is the main thing that matters. If you'd like to use both your 12V track and the ...


Track As a general rule, the rolling stock from all LEGO trains will work with all types of LEGO track. So, the Caboose you've mentioned will work perfectly with the track supplied with the Cargo Train. There are a couple of exceptions to this rule: Duplo track isn't the same gauge as LEGO track, so you shouldn't expect it to work (although you can ...


All LEGO train tracks have had the same gauge, so newer trains will fit old tracks, including 12V/4.5V. Since the wheels themselves are not exactly the same, you may run into some small issues at points, but it should be OK most of the time - and using RC track wouldn't fully prevent the issue anyway. (If anything, I suspect trains woudl actually derail more ...


There are several Chinese companies making DUPLO clones, many are listed in this fascinating article by Anthony Tomkins of UK LUG The Brickish Association. Communist LEGO, a review of some Chinese copies


Coko definitely does (See here: http://www.edex.com.au/coko-baby-blocks-transport-set-26-pieces.html). Not sure in which countries they are available. There is another question around about a mystery company with an umbrella/smiley/anchor logo on the studs. I've only found System-size bricks and plates from them, but the asker implied she had found ...


I can't actually offer any thoughts regarding anything but actual bricks, as the first - and only - megabloks purchase I ever made only contained bricks. While my experience with megablocks is limited, I feel confident in offering this advice: Don't do it. My motivation for "playing" with Lego-style blocks at age 29 is probably pretty unique - I use them ...


I still have cups and 1x1 round bricks from the late 70's and I can ensure you these were never brickable like you suggest. In the 80's, another popular build from Lego was composed of a transparent cup on top of a transparent minight head. Here is a colored example of that build.

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