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One possible "technique" could simply be to use the round wall panels of the same diameter: This part has the same stud recesses at the bottom, but since it's much taller, they won't appear as frequently in your model (or at all if this part alone provides the height that you need). This obviously has a number of disadvantages, the largest being that you'...


I can only provide info for basic bricks. I am an avid fan of both Lego and mega bloks. That being said there is a large difference in quality in mega bloks sets older then 2010. The more modern sets have increased in quality by fare and I have not had a problem with them falling apart since. Lego and mega bloks bricks fit well together if the mega blocks ...


I just got some blue era stuff. I'm going to try and see what happens, but the grey era Transformer has >13V output and I think that is legacy for the blue track stuff. So that you can plug in switches to there (until now I've wondered what on earth that output is for!!)


Yes, they fit! With a little research I have learned that the hands can hold standard bar pieces, and the legs are compatible with studs. However, sitting won't work, and pieces can't be swapped for minifigure parts. The backs look like the front, solid printed plastic.

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