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Pure eucalyptus oil works excellent, won't damage your minifigs, (and it smells good too!). You can get it in small bottles at health-food stores, pharmacies, and Asian stores. You don't need much, so a small bottle can last you a long time. Just pour a little of the oil on a piece of cotton or soft towel, and rub over the printed area you want to remove. ...


Online I would recommend BrickEngraver I think your best bet would be to find a local trophy shop, most will engrave items. Take them some LEGO to test and they should be able to provide what you need without the need to pay shipping.


In my understanding of the question, you want to take an existing LEGO velociraptor and repaint it, but you are afraid that doing a custom paint job will rub off quickly. There is no easy solution for this, but here are a few tips: You could send an email to the guys at minifigs.me and see if they would be willing to help you with this, either as a ...

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