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Looks like the Duplo Car Launcher and according to Bricklink this appears in at least 4 different sets: http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItemIn.asp?P=31080c01&in=S


When my kids played with Duplo, they always liked building things as tall as possible, or making patterns of colours (e.g. alternating red/blue bricks in a line), or lots of repeated structures (e.g. putting 4 2x2 squares on top of one 2x2 square to make a mushroom shape). I would usually try to suggest ways to make things stronger, then let them run with ...


And here is my first project: Color towers: Building towers is probably the first directed building effort that toddlers undertake. In this project I gave our son (20m) many bricks and built 4x4 monochromatic socles for towers. I told him that we are building a 'green', 'red', and so on tower. At first he only got that we are building towers, but I ...

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