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These 10 are Duplo Vehicle Car Base 2 x 6 with Hitches and Red Wheels (Old)' (4883cx2) and came in Red, Blue and Yellow


LEGO Juniors sets use normal LEGO System bricks. In other words, they are exactly the same size as the "normal" LEGO bricks. However, the Junior sets are specifically designed for younger children. They often have large single-use pieces (for example, for walls or frames), and are generally very easy to construct. They also limit the use of small or ...


To answer your question, no there is no such plate with DUPLO tubes on the bottom and LEGO studs on top. HOWEVER regular LEGO and DUPLO are completely compatible - as long as the regular LEGO bricks are at least 2x2 studs. Just cover the DUPLO table with regular LEGO bricks and you are done...(c; You could actually use regular LEGO plates too, however the ...


There really isn't a "on" for the Duplo studs. All Duplo studs are hollow studs. In the interior of the stud, depending on set and the year of the piece, the stud will read: DUPLO or LEGO


A legitimate duplo train part will have the word Duplo imprinted inside each round stud, like you see in the image here, sorry for the fuzzy pic. -Brian from brickablocks.


After some searching, I have finally come up with the brand. I too purchased a lot of bricks and found these odd ones in the mix, they are Tandem bricks, and there isn't too much information out there on them.


For the pulling mechanism there have been several Duplo winches (though I have no idea whether there is a current one, I'm afraid). However, for the track I immediately thought of using those (very sturdy) ribbons that they use around mail order boxes. If you have two parallell and they are pulled tight the wheels might stay on and the look might still be ...


Lego Juniors is fine for 3-year-olds who know not to put toys in their mouths. My son, when he was three, was playing with regular System Lego (of which Juniors is a subset) and it was okay. If it's important to you that your son have things like vehicles, or minifigs, and that he build the whole set himself, then Juniors is the way to go. Otherwise, I see ...


Before 2002 LEGO used "Duplo" inside studs. In 2002 they tried to drop the Duplo brand and possibly for this reason all new Duplo moulds have "LEGO" in the studs. Rare pieces like the 2x10 brick still use an older mould, so still have "Duplo" in the stud. Also from 2012 some sets at least in Europe have 2x4 bricks with "Duplo" in the studs. It's possible ...

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