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A regular LEGO base plate will work with DUPLO bricks. As demonstated in this question, the two systems are compatible in a number of ways. Here's an example of someone using system base plates with DUPLO bricks:


To answer your question, no there is no such plate with DUPLO tubes on the bottom and LEGO studs on top. HOWEVER regular LEGO and DUPLO are completely compatible - as long as the regular LEGO bricks are at least 2x2 studs. Just cover the DUPLO table with regular LEGO bricks and you are done...(c; You could actually use regular LEGO plates too, however the ...


The Thomas and Friends license is currently with Mega Bloks (as of January 2014). For now, that means Lego is not planning on producing any new sets. However, it is not unheard of for licenses to switch. The Marvel Superheros license, for example, was with Mega Bloks as well until Lego took it over last year:


After some searching, I have finally come up with the brand. I too purchased a lot of bricks and found these odd ones in the mix, they are Tandem bricks, and there isn't too much information out there on them.


What you need is a Nilo brick mat. It's a rubbery mat that has standard (small) lego studs on one side, and dulpo on the other. You can buy them on Amazon, Ebay or straight from Nilo. http://www.nilotoys.com/acc.htm


It depends on your goal, as Jason said. He illustrated pretty well why out of the package lego trains don't run on duplo track. However, if you just want something for your kids to dink around with, it is possible to build a wheeled train that will drive on duplo track without using a duplo train as it's base. The trick is to use monster truck tires or ...


I would recommend BlueBrick, which is a versatile LEGO layout editor by Alban Nanty. Apperently it has Duplo parts too, so I believe it should meet your needs. It can actually do much more for your layout planning needs (including modular tables if your club has some, for example), so maybe you'll consider it overkill as well, but since it's specifically ...

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