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Is there a specific scenario in which it should be unbreakable? You definitely should use different techniques to prevent a spaceship from falling apart when dropped from a meter and to prevent a brick wall from separating when hit by a rolling football. For System bricks using larger, longer bricks in overlapping configuration (think real life bricklaying) ...


This is really nearly impossible unless you have a lifetime supply of super glue. A good structure using Technic LEGO bricks will provide better support and a lot more "stick" to each other, making the creation less breakable. Building the structure in which the strongest side will take the most hits/pressure should be an excellent way to make the model ...


The complexity of the model and the expected time to complete it will increase with the recommended age. Lower aged sets, like the Juniors line, feature builds that rely heavily on standard stacking and more basic bricks. As the age recommendation goes up, you'll see more advanced building techniques such as offset stacking (think stair stacking), studs ...


It's hard to answer this question without knowing more about the model in question. Something like a small Lowell Sphere would probably be made 'unbreakable' by a little squirt of expanding foam insulation inside. A Technic vehicle would be a whole different problem.

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