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I once talked with a Lego Builder at the Florida park. He told me they use a glue that actually melts the Lego blocks together. With that in mind, I searched and found this article (on Facebook). It says Lego Park Model Makers use a solvent based plastic weld. It heats the bricks up so the edges bind together. Obviously it has to be very strong to ...


Having them connected may actually increase longevity, at least for parts of the brick. This shields out light and air pollution. I have several LEGO bricks that were connected for 30+ years, and the sides exposed to air (and Los Angeles air pollution) were significantly more yellowed than the sides that were connected.


The track is pretty durable. I have several pieces of old track that the motor runs on well. With the 3D printers now available I am hoping to be able to "print" some of the track with ABS filament. Getting the gear teeth just right will be the tricky part and the end connectors.


Lego bricks can withstand a fairly high pressure before they deform, but Lego creations tend to deform more easily at the various connection points. Therefore it's possible to build a relatively easily deformed bridge using long pieces, such as technic beams. You could build a bridge that deforms easily and then show how it flexes under the various weights. ...


I have designed some special measuring tooling for my previous employer that uses strain gauges, but is is not always that easy. You need for sure: an amplifier, glue them on the construction in the correct orientation 2 strain gauges on both sides for temperture compesation a way to calibrate the measuring device or construction this resulted for us ...

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