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NiMH batteries only provide 1.2V per cell whereas Alkaline batteries provide 1.5V (nominal values). This means that new/fully charged batteries will provide a total of 9V for Alkaline and 7.2V for NiMH. The EV3 is programmed to show low battery somewhere around 6.2V and turn itself off around 5.5V. There is no option a available to tell the EV3 the ...


I eventually made my design available for download over at Shapeways with a CC BY-NC-SA license. I tested it at my local maker space in PLA on a µDelta 3D printer. For the electrical contacts, I tried with pins scavenged from a DIP IC socket like Cyril suggested but the pins were a bit fickle and easily broke. I ended up cutting a sheet of conductive metal ...


I make a print (with silicon) of the Lego PF socket, in 2 halves. I just need the C1 and C2 electrical contacts, so I'm just dealing with them, but you can go for the 4 contacts. So in the bottom half, I insert two small pins from a DIP socket (for integrated circuits) in 2 tiny cuts I do with a kind of bistoury and insert the 2 pins in those two slots. ...


This is part # bb42 : Electric, Light & Sound Siren 4 x 2 x 4 Jack Stone and here you can hear the sound it is from Set 4621-1: Red Flash Station don't know if the battery is replaceable

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