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The simplest way to "remember" a starting position is to make the starting position 0. You can do this using Rest in the Motor Rotation block (1). After your motors have moved (simulated by (2)), you can use a loop (3) to run the motors back to zero. The basic idea though is that if the motor position is negative, then we need to run the motor in the ...


I tried to find the answer to this a year ago. Unless you build some sort of synchronisation point using another sensor, you can't.


I would definitely use bluetooth instead of wifi, i've tried the dongle but it doesn't operate very smoothly. If you are having trouble with the steering I would use different controls on the app. Also make sure to use the official app as I have not tinkered with other apps yet.


One way of doing this is using a loop and interrupting it. How it works: The "Loop Interrupt" block stops all blocks running inside of the loop, so by interrupting the loop after either wait block, it will stop the other wait block. The type of loop doesn't actually matter because we never reach that point. I chose to wait for "Logic" with a value of "...


The titles headed with underscores are unneeded. The title is not necessarily required, and the copyright is obviously useless to the machine. However, none of the other files can be skipped or removed and still allow the program to work. These others are written in XML, Extensible Markup Language, and are designed for use by both human and machine. The ...

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