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You could try the MonoBrick Communication Library. It is supported for Mac OS and does use Bluetooth as a way of communicating with the EV3 brick. MonoBrick was listed by IntroRobotics with three other software development resources for EV3.


The kids on the FLL team I coach created a video that explains how to use the NXT light sensors on an EV3. Hope it helps. http://youtu.be/I7Bqvk-uMLk?list=UU2r9xq9o39SbEX1cESNdIHA


NXT Color Sensors are supported directly by EV3-G, the EV3 software running on the PC or MAC. NXT Light Sensors are not. To use Light sensors requires a bit of trickery. EV3-G has a Raw Sensor block that provides access to the Light sensor values. The raw sensor returns values from 0-1023, which is very different than the 0-100 of the NXT-G Light Sensor ...


You will have to write an application for your phone that can scan the codes and then send the information to the EV3 via bluetooth or wifi. If you don't know how to write iOS apps, start here. For scanning bar codes there seems to be good info here. It appears that bar code scanning is built into iOS 7. If you have an older version, the the zxing library ...

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