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That part is the new Brick Separator which LEGO includes in most bigger sets: It's not part of the construction itself, but is a tool to allow you to easily disassemble constructions. You can compare it with the older version in this question on how to separate 1x2 plates.


As well as the new colours (two new shades each of blue, purple and green), there are actually quite a few new parts in the friends sets. I think this is the complete list, but it's possible I missed one or two. (Let me know of any corrections. It's a big list!) Accessories (44) Friends Accessories Cupcake Holder Friends Accessories Cutlery Fork Friends ...


Lego Friends are essentially the same as minifigs when it comes to building things like houses. The main difference is the colour palette. If you don't mind that your Friends live in houses that use primary colours instead of pastels, you can just buy any regular Lego house (the Creator line has many) and put Friends in there. Previous houses from the ...


My son had the exact same problem with this set at Christmas. In step 1, you put the red joiner on the axle. In step 2, there is a smaller axle that gets put in the other end. The only clue is that each step shows what parts are needed, so you can see that there is a little axle there that needs to be incorporated.


You can find downloadable copies of LEGO instructions for any set (there might be a few exceptions but not for standard retail sets) at the LEGO web site:


Pure eucalyptus oil works excellent, won't damage your minifigs, (and it smells good too!). You can get it in small bottles at health-food stores, pharmacies, and Asian stores. You don't need much, so a small bottle can last you a long time. Just pour a little of the oil on a piece of cotton or soft towel, and rub over the printed area you want to remove. ...


I underestimated just how many new parts were produced for the Friends line when I tasked myself with finding out. Excluding the stickers and Mini-Dolls there are a huge number of new piece, the majority of which are either utensils, accessories or pets. New parts Friends Accessories Cupcake Holder Friends Accessories Cutlery Fork Friends Accessories ...


It is mentioned in the previous answer that the feet are slightly oblong. I snapped a few photos to illustrate how this impacts the level of compatibility between the two figure types. A standard minifigure will easily be able to 'stand' within a 1 x 2 space. In most cases, this applies to a 'Friend' as well, unless the 1 x 2 space is recessed. The ...


The best way is to obtain loose bricks and make up your own houses!


Remember the BPA scare? It's all but a crime to release a product that even thinks about having BPA. But I did the search anyway, and no, there is not any in this or any other LEGO product I can find to date. LEGO is pretty good about nontoxic products, drinking use intended or no. I mean, they're made for kids. Good question though.


My LEGO Friends minifigs are just fine. Their hair doesn't come off that easy. Perhaps there is some difference in the mould and you ended up with some loose ones? It happends to regular minifigs too where the hair/helmet fits very loose or very tight. You could put a little bit of tacky-glue (blu-tack) inside the hair pieces to keep them on while still ...

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