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Every Lego wooden duck I have seen, whether in person or on the internet, is sitting on a platform with the wheels attached to the platform. This is the original version: Here is a later version: Are there any markings on the toy itself that lead you to believe it is a Lego product?


1977 When Technic was first introduced. Check out this alternative build of set 850:


In the blog of Tom Aplhin he mentions regarding Microscale Steve Oakes, a long-time LEGO builder in Seattle area started a tradition 4 years ago to re-create the BrickCon Public Convention at a smaller scale. His display is called “Micro BrickCon”(Note: The conversation between Tom and myself was in a loud room with lots of activity. He is correct about ...


I think these are LEGO Jumbo Bricks from Samsonite. Left to right: normal brick, duplo brick, Jumbo brick and Quatro brick.


These cracks will often get worse over time as the legs are removed and replaced, or simply from normal play. Even if they don't get worse, the legs probably already have low clutch power which may be causing the legs to simply fall off. Given that LEGO is still producing a Legolas minifig, they will almost certainly be happy to replace that torso for you. ...


According to Brickset and Peeron, it was released in 2001.


The history of The Lego Group starts with Ole Kirk Kristiansen, a Danish carpenter. After the global economic downturn, spurred on by The Great Depression, Ole found that his carpentry and joinery business in Denmark was failing. This started in 1929 and by 1931 he had to let his only remaining employee go. In 1932 he was commissioned by a Jens W. Olesen ...


There are now loads of sets which could be considered to be the most valuable. Here is a list of my choices 10179 UCS Millenium Falcon 10182 Cafe Corner Mr Gold 10196 Grand Carousel 10184 Town Plan Chrome Gold C3PO (only 100 made) 10189 Taj Mahal 5004590 Bat-Pod (only 1000 worldwide and will surely increase in value tremendously) This list is only my ...


This really depends on how much you plan to use LEGO-las. If he's to be used just as a display or collectors item, he should be fine; to ensure safety, super-glue the poor elf's pants to his body. If you plan to make him hop around and destroy orcs on a regular basis, try super-gluing the cracks from the inside while the pants are removed or it will get ...

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