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It's the main module from Record and Play (set 4095): This part was only included in this set released in 2003. The part contains several motors and some electronics that allow you to record motor movements and then play them back. Pressing the red button would let you record movements for a maximun of 20 seconds by adjusting the motors and the green ...


Looks like the Duplo Car Launcher and according to Bricklink this appears in at least 4 different sets: http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItemIn.asp?P=31080c01&in=S


I did a cross check on sets containing following pieces 'red-42003', 'blue-6632' and 'black-32250'. This looks like the B model for set 8065.


The two black sprocket wheels and the transparent dome from bag 4 suggest that this set is the Malevolence, but many easily identifiable parts are missing. However, your set also seems to miss at least a few bags (numbers 2 and 3), so it is highly probable that you have a partial set.


Pretty sure you're describing a Bionicle Krana Holder 3 x 4, which allegedly comes in light grey, dark grey, brown, red, blue, and green.

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