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A lot, but definitely not all, is likely from Race 3000.


It's from Fairground Mixer (10244). Also, the rest can be had way cheaper than Pyjamas Emmet polybag in the form of Sleepyhead from Collectible Minifig series 6.


There are a number of ways to start figuring it out, my method is as follows: Try and identify some of the following: Unique pieces Unique minifigs Stickers on pieces Unique logos Color schemes or unique colors The minifigs, stickers and colors are usually enough at least point you to the right theme category (ie space, pirates, castle, city, star wars, ...


One very good way is to look for numbers on pieces, especially when they are printed. A number on a Lego piece is almost always the number of the set. These often come in places where there is supposed to be a number; like license plates on cars. If you have a license plate brick with a number, that's almost 100% certain to be the set that the car belongs ...

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