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Based on the occurrence of the 2x2x3 brick in white and the 16 trans-blue garage door panels, I think this is a bag from set 7744: Police Headquarters. From the picture it looks like your bag builds the bottom right part of the station - the 2 car garages and the platform under the stairs.


The parts are from the 8016 LEGO Star Wars Hyena Droid Bomber from 2009.


Was it 10667 Construction? The date is a little off, but the parts look right.


To answer your three bullet points: Very likely. Possibly. Highly unlikely. Sad that they are glued, but they are still pretty cool. You might get some money for them if you find a buyer. Regardless, thanks for posting the pictures, I love the techniques for the big grey roof.


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As @Kramii already said, this is LEGO Juniors set 11067 Construction. Specifically the bag that makes the crane, without the Octogonal base plate (which was likely supplied separately in the box). Based on the picture Kramii posted you can see how to build this part of the set - you put the 6x6 black plate in the wrong place in your picture, it needs to be ...


The top picture is for sure a model created from single elements, and is not any Lego model. Your lower model looks like a combination from 5 or 6 different houses. I recognize the Taxi station (Red with blue roof on the bottom), Bakery (Yellow and blue roof on top of that). Try brickset.com and look for the older catalogues.

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