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this appears to be Robot Devastator 4 - Red Eyes from the following sets 8101-1:Claw Crusher or 8107: Fight for the Golden Tower or 8112: Arachnoid Stalker or 8115: Dark Panther Partlist for Devastator Bricklink part list


Looks like a 1980's Fireman. Found an example from the 620 lego set:


1978 Fireman. I've got a couple from set 374 and 602.


They're part of the 1972 train-sets 130, 171, 180, 181 and 724 (picture is set 130) Yellow version is part of the 1979 technic-set 856.


That figure came in quite a few Exoforce sets a few years ago in both silver and bronze. As far as which sets, I don't recall, but I hoped it helped.


I have two red ones which I got in a lot of Vintage LEGO, since there were many parts of vintage train stuff in the same lot like the blue train tracks, my guess is that they are parts to the train lego, I could imagine that they were suppose to be parts making up a tipping container...

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