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It's a tie plate from the original 4.5V train system, specifically from a "switch point right":


This is from set 60007: High Speed Chase based on Chains M Plate M 5 ظ3, 2 Hole. There are only two sets with this part in Medium Stone Grey. The other set is the Star Wars UCS B-wing


Could be one of the bricks used at section 7 and 9 of this Tyco Super Blocks set.


Based on the silver jetpack, Jango Fett head, Phase I clone helmet, and orange battle droid parts, I believe it is 75015 Corporate Alliance Tank Droid.


From left to right in your first photo: Police Station (6384): Fire Copter 1: Motorcycle Shop (6373): Fire Patrol Copter (6657): Fire Station (6382): Your second photo includes: Gas Station (6375): Delivery Center (6377): Paramedic Unit (6364): I may have missed some smaller sets, but based on your two pictures, that's what stuck ...


They're likely from King's Castle (70404):


This bag is from 3315 - Olivia's House. The instructions for this set can be found here on the LEGO Customer Service Site.


If the boat is dark blue then the set is almost certain to be set 60069-1 Swamp Police Station since according to Bricklink it is the only occurrence of the boat (part 62812 Boat, Rubber Raft, Large) in dark blue. The presence of the bars (parts 92586 and 60621) with white frame[s] (part 60596) and light bluish gray radar disk thingy (part 4285b) confirm ...

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