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Yes, there is LXFML - which is if you like an "offical" XML format for LEGO models - in that it's produced and maintained by The LEGO Group. The .LXF format used by LEGO Digital Designer is a compressed archive containing a thumbnail in .png format and a model definition file in LFXML. As I noted in the answer to that question, the LDD team have shared ...


The models included in AIOI as mentionned by HaydenStudios is also available as separate download There is also a huge collection of LDraw models of official sets available on Eurobricks forum


As Zhaph - Ben Duguid said, there is the .LXFML format which is basically an XML document detailing a LEGO model. Another format you might find of use if the .ldr format. .ldr files are used in various LEGO virtual building programs that make up what's called the LDraw system of tools. As an example of the .ldr format, this: Can be generated by pasting ...

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