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After emailing back and forth with LEGO, I think I have an acceptable answer: Example: BI 3005/48 - 7594 V 110 2/2 - Download size: 5.94 Mb ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Stands for Building Instructions A number for internal usage by different LEGO teams. You'll see that many different ...


Beams, axles, panels, and axles connectors usually have numbers next to them, to uniquely identifies the piece: for beams and axles, the number is the length (length in number of holes) for panels, it identifies the panel (and the panel mold contains the same number) for axle connectors, it identifies the angle (again, the same number is part of the mold, ...


These numbers indicate the length of the beam or axle shown. For a beam, this number is the number of holes it has. For an axle you have to hold it next to a beam and than count the number of holes.

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