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This set is 6848 Strategic Pursuer. Instruction scans are available on Peeron.


The city people pack is probably 9348: Community Minifigure Set based on the clasic space minifig print. The numbered bags are probably from 4635: Fun With Vehicles - that's based on the colours and the lime green/"bright yellow/green" cap. I think the first 2 bags are from 6118: Wheels and Tyres. This set has the same number of the small (8x) and bigger ...


I think the piece you're referring to is Dinosaur Tail / Neck Middle Section with Pin.


Mσᶎ' comment has dealt with the technical reasons quite eloquently, and I'd guess Mσᶎ' analysis is likely correct. However, I suggest that we can dig a little deeper to guess why the process hasn't been fixed. Disclaimer: the following is pure speculation. I don't work for TLG (I wish!) and have no special knowledge or insight into the company or its ...


I have a set that has an error in the original instructions. 7184 Trade Federation MTT has a double sided page of the correct steps as below. The original basically used a 1x6 in place of the 2x6. I am not sure if the correction was because the model design was modified to be more sturdy or if the maker of the instructions got it wrong, but when I tried ...


Edit to add: PDF downloads are now available from the LEGO Site: 3D Building Instructions The images used for building instructions are available (jpeg images) in folder C:\Program Files\LEGO Software\LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Home Edition\Resources\ContentPacks\Retail\nonlocalized\LEGO\pack0\projects (more or less, depends on OS and installation ...


I remember that in the 80's black technic parts where always hard to recognize in the instructions, in those years you had to count the studs yourself. Over the years black became a little lighter in colour to a dark grey. This was also shown on one of the first pages of the instructions. This stays OK until the introduction of dark grey parts. At that ...


The numbered bags are probably from 4635: Fun With Vehicles - that's based on the colours and the lime green/"bright yellow/green" cap. However even with 9348 Community Minifigure Set there's still an unidentified bag of wheels...


I would keep it very simple with just building the organs with regular bricks. Color code each organ. I have never seen anyone do this with LEGO bricks so can't link to a picture, however I can imagine than it could be done easily. Basically you would end up with a pipe-system. ;)


I suggest using google to search for them. When I did that I found two threads on EuroBricks discussing this - here and here. The first thread links to a youtube video that has downloadable instructions. Note that the instructions are 19MB and the website is fairly slow.


If you could not get it, then you might try Hans Andersson's clock :) http://tiltedtwister.com/timetwister.html And here's the instructions manual: http://tiltedtwister.com/tmtwdownload.html


Recently, I found a link to a website that has everything the Lego website had in a PDF format. Here it is: http://korewanetadesu.com/pages/lego/xpod.html

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