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There is an indication of the rarity of a set in the LEGO Collector's Guide. I assume it's the same in the second edition as well, as this is what the two reviews of it on Brickset have to say: Rarity Rating. This would be more useful if it represented actual production or sales figures instead of market trends. The rating system is the same, ...


the less sets there are available, the better the chances of a rising price. this implies the sets that will get more expensive with time are: sets that are out of production sets that are expensive when they come out (> less sales) very big sets (expensive > less sales) licensed sets like harry potter or starwars (short production-time > less sales / ...


If you look at what a box is worth compared to the original price, I would say 3724 LEGO Dragon. It went for $99, And now you can not find it for less than $350, up to $800 for a mint in box version.


Not sure about several years, but Brickpicker covers one full year. Here are the stats for the Green Grocer, for example: Or the ones for the UCS Millenium Falcon: And so on, you get the idea. They have more and other stats, too — e.g. the following quick overview for every set: They pull their data from eBay, through some ...


I'm not familiar with any tools that do this with eBay or Bricklink price histories. I'm pretty sure that Bricklink removes all data older than 6 months, so if this information is available, it would have to come from a third party who scraped it from the site. I have used a tool called Tracktor to look at Amazon price histories for LEGO sets. Sadly, this ...


I think by actual worth sometime down the road, the most valuable set will be Lego Castle 6075, known to fans as "Yellow Castle". http://www.classic-castle.com/sets/archives/0375.html


I feel I need to represent the Classic Town and Train fans with the following sets: 6399 Airport Shuttle Bricklink items for sale The only town monorail released by Lego and one of only a hand full of monorail sets in total. As is the case with many classic sets that are hard to find 100% complete, it includes many stickers that easily become lost or ...


The most valued sets, when not using price as a criterion, will vary from collector to collector, based on their interests. In my experience doing LEGO Customer Service, collectors of all ages tended to focus on particular themes. While the Ultimate Collector's Edition Millennium Falcon may be the most prized jewel to a Star Wars collector, it may have ...


I must say, a very valuable one would be the exclusive Maersk container ship. the original 2004 set (not the 2011 reissue!) is worth a lot of mone, considering they only made a handful. other than that, the Unitron Monorail can go for quite a bit MISB nowadays.

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