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The Eurobricks forum has a topic dedicated to user created LDD files of existing LEGO sets. There are currently four different versions of the #10179 Millennium Falcon made by different users: yellost (23 August 2010) bbqqq (12 November 2010) Calabar (20 October 2012) kcoon (16 December 2013) There is also a topic for official LEGO sets re-created ...


There's a fairly in-depth discussion on the Eurobricks Digital Designer Forum in the post Understanding LDDs LFXML Schema, where the transformation element is defined as: Transformation contains 12 comma separated double precision floating point values that represent the first three columns of a 3d transformation matrix and are thus able to handle any ...


No. It is not possible to add printed tiles in LDD. The closest you can get is just putting plates into the design and adding stickers.


Not exactly an answer to the question, more an answer to the tile of the question: For a much more lightweight alternative, check out the new LEGO designer from google. http://www.buildwithchrome.com/ It only works in Goolge's Chrome browser as it is essentially an experiment to show off Chrome's WebGL capabilities. There is no download as it is ...

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